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It’s no secret that Artists and Entertainers are a special breed. You live and breathe the sentiment behind the words of George Bernard Shaw that, “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable,” so you pour your heart and soul into your craft and share the most intimate part of your being. The world can be cold and you are well aware of your own vulnerability, but you risk it all to make the world feel something. You are passionate about what you do and you prefer to associate with others who share that characteristic.

As a creator myself, and a former performer and artist/band personal manager, I am much in tune with the very things that drive artists and entertainers and I am sensitive to their unique needs. I am passionate about working with this very special breed of human to help navigate them through many types of professional and personal legal matters.

As an Attorney, my professional philosophy is to accept clients, not just their cases – and perhaps this philosophy most manifests itself in my relationships with my entertainment-related clientele. In that regard, I provide full-service legal representation to the unique demographic of professional artists and performers – from Contracts to Custody Battles, Negotiations to Negligence Claims, Trademarks to Traffic Tickets – and more!