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It’s Not IF You’ll Crash … But WHEN!

In this sport, they say “It’s not IF you’ll crash, but WHEN!”

Me, never wanting to wait for anything, figured I would get it out of the way on


It was May 26, 2018 – my 51st birthday. I had picked up my first dirt bike about two weeks earlier (the day before Mothers Day) and it sat in my garage for the full two weeks before I ever rode it. I took the bike to an area off SR 160, which my research showed me was an “approved area.”  Somehow, I got myself off the approved trail and on to a hiking path. As I came up a hill, rather fast, a large rock jumped right in front of me (I swear it did!) and I went down … hard. They say, “chicks dig scars” and I picked up a few that day (scars – not chicks). I kept riding for a few more hours that day, bent handlebars and all!

Over the past 3+ years since that day, I have crashed many more times. It is part of the game. But i have learned to appreciate the value of safety equipment and protective gear. That is what this page intends to be about.

I start with an under layer of skivvies and thick socks. Next, I wear a COOL SUIT that absorbs my sweat and prevents it from leaking through to my outer layers. In addition to the suit, I wear a COOL CAP, which does the same for my head and keeps my helmet liner from getting nasty. Over the cool suit, I wear a pair of padded shorts – the kind used in football, hockey and/or other contact sports.

I then strap on a pair of protective guards that cover from the top of my knees down to bottom of my ankles (these fit fine under my boots). I also wear a zip up armored jacket with built-in chest protector, shoulder & elbow pads and a back/tailbone protector. the jacket also has a built-in kidney belt, which is a nice touch. I usually wear this right over my COOL shirt and under my outer layer, but on particularly hot days when I know I’ll frequently be stripping down during breaks, I sometimes wear this jacket as my outer layer.  I also wear a matching pair of motocross pants and  jersey. While the thick material and reinforced knees of the pants provide a final extra layer of protection, the matching shirt is clearly just for show. But there’s something about looking like a legit rider that just makes me feel good.

I have learned that even a small crash can ruin your whole day if you get injured.  The smallest stone flying up and hitting you can be quite painful and a day of joy can be cut short if you land just right (or, should I say … just wrong)! Whenever I ride in full gear, I tend to have way more confidence; I ride much better and have a much better time doing it!

Safety only matters if you want to keep playing this game!