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Let’s Ride !!!

I have a DREAM!

Many know that I started Desert Riding three years ago at age 51 …  and I will soon be venturing into formal MX Track riding (perhaps even some amateur racing). It’s OK to call me crazy … after all, my (self-appointed) plate number is 5150!

I want to start a riding group purposed on introducing others (youth, adults, families) to the sport in a most positive way. The group (which is still very much in its infancy/formation stage) will consist of both seasoned riders (with their own bikes/equipment) who share my passion for riding and a desire to introduce this amazing sport/lifestyle to others, as well as soon-to-be riders who do not currently have the means to provide their own bikes/equipment.

A big part of my goal is to provide riding gear and safety equipment for those who have not (the stuff is expensive, and the sport may not be for everyone who wants to check it out). To me, it totally adds to the experience to be “decked out” – it just makes a rider (i.e. – me) feel like … a Rider … and creates a fuller Experience – and safety is super-important (ask me how I know, lol). I want to also be able to provide new riders with vehicles to use/ride. To that end, I am active building up a (true grassroots) cache of vehicles (Trail bikes, MX bikes, ATVs, Pit Bikes). Currently, I a Suzuki DR-Z125L, a Chinese Quad (150CC), an SSR 125cc Pit Bike and my soon-to be favorite – a classic 2002 Kawasaki KX250L4 MX Bike. It’s not much, but it’s a start and I hope to keep adding to the stable. I also want to encourage others to learn to perform basic maintenance/repairs/upgrades, etc., so they may experience the same fullness of the hobby/sport that I thoroughly enjoy! WHY? it’s pretty simple … I want others to enjoy the God-Given Blessings that I have personally received from this hobby/sport

Future goals also include getting involved, at some level, in racing/competition (MX, Desert Racing, Enduro, Hare Scramble, etc.) – all in good fun – for myself and for others that I help introduce to the sport.

Again, feel free to call me crazy! 

God Bless!

 f YOU would like to JOIN these efforts, please email me at: